Fabrik Projects


Located in the heart of Los Angeles’s downtown Arts District, Fabrik Projects is an exhibition space produced by Fabrik Magazine, the quarterly publication of and guidebook to art and design in Southern California. Through Fabrik Projects, the magazine is able to present the public with new dimensions in art and design and provide exposure to the work of visionary creatives working across diverse fields of contemporary photography, art, design and architecture.

Fabrik Projects manifests the new spirit of art and its presentation in the early 21st Century. In the Internet age, retail structures like art galleries and design stores are being supplemented by more flexible access modes, and are changing in response to a newly discerning audience and newly demanding clientele. Fabrik Projects is as much an event in itself as a locale for events, as much of a show as it is an exhibition space, an active rather than a passive space. Perhaps more importantly, Fabrik Projects is a locus for “going with the flow,” that is, going with – and promoting – the flow that we increasingly sense between the utilitarian design object and the discrete artwork.

In this respect Fabrik Projects embodies the goals of its parent publication, and like Fabrik Magazine, Fabrik Projects is a major place to discover emerging talents working in, and between, visual art forms, including photographic and design mediums.

For more on Fabrik Projects, visit fabrikprojects.com.

Image: © Sarah Hadley. From the Lost Venice Series.