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Fabrik Studios

A next-generation Hollywood ideation studio bringing artists, designers and creative thinkers to the Metaverse.

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Fabrik Projects

Fabrik champions new ideas in contemporary art, by providing a platform to nurture emerging and mid-career artists, bringing together a diverse spectrum of disciplines.

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Fabrik Magazine

Fabrik is a Los Angeles-based, quarterly art magazine that provides commentary for the engaged reader on visual art in the context of our place, our global...

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Photo Independent

Photo Independent’s mission is to establish a respected platform for high caliber independent photographic artists, to present their works to a global audience.

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Most artists struggle to get their art seen. We created programs to help artists build their audience, so they can sell more art and become known...

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ArtVirtualy is a state-of the-art online platform designed to present art exhibitions to the art viewing public in a captivating format that simulates the experience of...

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